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Koala is part of cutest animals in the world



Koala is a small cute  animal mostly found in Australia. It resembles a teddy bear and has other names called Australian bear , pouched bear , and native sloth but note is not a bear or sloth.

Koala is a slow moving animal, when it on a tree  it’s really resembles a slot , it is a marsupial (a mammal that has a pouch for carrying its young one .eg. kangaroo)

It about 24inches long 12  inches high at  the shoulder and does not have external tails.Koala has a thick, Soft, woolly fur which is ash-gray above and yellowish white below. It has a thick head, shot snout, and it’s mouth has cheek pouches.


Koala often hangs in trees with its back downwards and grasp the branches easily with its long toes . This cute animal sleeps during the day on top of a blue gum tree and feeds only on eucalyptus leaves which is the gum tree.

The female  koala which has given birth to a young one called cub carries it baby in her pouch after the cub is old enough, it rides on her back .

In the olden days some people feed on koala but not anymore because is now protected by law .


This is all you need to know about this beautiful creature called Koala.

Source: Sintim Media 



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The Kiwi Bird




A picture of a kiwi bird

Kiwi is a name given to a New Zealand bird because of its strange cry. It is about a size of hen and had a long , slender beak which sticks out like a knife. The beak has nostrils near the tip. The wigs are concealed and cannot be used to fly.

The bird has the remains of what was once a tail, and its body is covered with grayish brown feathers which looks like hair.


The kiwi hunts food at night and hides in the daytime. It lives in the woods or hilly country. A kiwi rolls up like a ball when it sleeps . The birds are timid and run away when anyone comes near.

They eat worms ,insects and berries. They scratch nests in a burrow and lay one or two white eggs. The eggs are oval shaped and weigh about one fourth as much as the female.

New Zealand laws now protect birds . Otherwise it will soon be extinct , because of that the New Zealanders are fond of its meat, and kiwi multiplies slowly.


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