Ghanaians Largely Don’t Appreciate Sane Blogs — Elorm Beenie

Elorm Beenie - Renowned Blogger, Author, Public Relations Expert

Ghanaians Largely Don’t Appreciate Sane Blogs — Elorm Beenie  

Elorm Beenie – Renowned Blogger, Author, Public Relations Expert

The state of blogging in Ghana has taken a different twist with junk of negativity and controversies daily on the Internet as most bloggers are championing this agenda due to traffic and click bait. 

On a recent episode of Tweet Chat With Sintim, Blogger Sintim held a healthy and most educative conversation with Multiple Award Winning Ghanaian Blogger Elorm Beenie on Twitter where they discussed the topic; “The State of Blogging In Ghana; Effects of Negative News and Defamatory Stories” 

During Elorm Beenie’s live twitter interaction with Blogger Sintim, he revealed that, most Ghanaians don’t appreciate sane blogs with great content but our people rather love to jump on stupid news and spoofs. 

He made this revelation when Sintim asked him to assess the state of blogging in Ghana. 

In the course of the conversation, Sintim asked Elorm to share with the public how he has  managed to remain consistent as a non-Controversial Blogger for years with his  brand BeenieWords devoid of negativity? 

Elorm Beenie replied by saying; 

“ZERO Controversy has always been my style since I got into it actively in 2005. I can’t expect everyone to follow my stead but that’s the way I chose to run mine. I’m supposed to PROMOTE, not demote — so I try to project the best sides always. “

Elorm Beenie went further to say that; 

I don’t have a niche for my style of Blogging. I just publish TRUTH and FACTS. I leave the (overly) sensationalism out of my blog (@BeenieWords) and my Team does same. We add a “discerning attitude” to it, that’s all. We’re not hungry for traffic/click baits. 

When asked about how lucrative the blogging industry is in Ghana, Elorm Beenie replied by saying; 

“Depends on what you’re doing/seeking with your blog. Not everyone is blogging or using blog as “quick way to riches”, some people only do it as a hobby, others for business, others too for both. Depends on individual agendum. I can’t talk for everyone “

In addressing the effects of Negative News on the internet, Elorm Beenie said; 

“Bad energy definitely breeds bad culture. Nobody wants a bad tag on themselves even if they want to act “hard guy” about it. That’s why I entreat us all to TRY and project the positive side more, it helps TOURISM for our country and pull investors. “

Elorm Beenie advised Ghanaian Artistes and celebrities to stop their egotistic attitude of ignoring blogs who publish vivid and substantial articles about them. 

He stated emphatically that, Ghanaian Musicians and celebrities are part of the mess we see in the blog space here in Ghana since they ignore positive stuff about them with zero shares and no retweets. 

Source: Sintim Media 


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