We had a close interaction with self acclaimed Hip Hop God from B.A Rockiefella, CEO and founder of MTUB AFRICA after seeing his tweet going hard on B.A Media Houses and he was like “There are a lots of good and best talents in here of which the Media houses aren’t paying attention to. Those that they aren’t paying attention to are the songs that are going to put B.A on the Map.

He added

His gang and him are really working massively and what they have for the nation and the whole world is really great but he was more stressing on why and why the media houses in B.A here won’t support and help the best ones out but they will rather focus on some wack or some songs which won’t help our industry grow

He said

“They will rather support people from their hometown and these Acts from their hometown ain’t doing anything better. Aside that the media think we should move to Accra before they will respect our hard worked Projects which I think it shouldn’t be that way at all .

The media house around B.A should organize shows on both Radio and TV, interviews which are going to host Musicians, Upcoming Acts and then they will know that they have been Promoting wack things for so long.  “This is the time B.A music must rise” He stressed.

Event organizers around the region should organize shows and put us on Gig so the public will have a feel of our songs Live, that will also help make others too see that we have great Talents in Bono & Ahafo Regions

He said when you come to his camp, thus MTUB AFRICA to see the likes of Lu Ci and WY T , the Buu Mu hit makers, Fatty Boi ,and other hard working upcoming acts i know who are the best we have in here with us, the likes of Kay L, K Swagg,Black Boi, Y Cliff, E Bone,Yaw Black, ForeverTillDeath-FTD etc are super dope acts who can make B.A proud some day

But the media in B.A wouldn’t give us the chance to show them what we have, and besides  there are a lot of hardworking and perfect Acts from my town who are very creative with good songs, video and everything

There are other houses who are really willing to help the guys but we wish they all do that to build up our career and then put the region on the map.

We asked him that is he having any projects coming up because we have seen him released some couple of single tracks and he said yes

He has an upcoming official music album entitled Da REALITIES 1 which features artist of his choice so we should all expert that soon, he said the whole world should expect something different and it’s coming from B.A and the whole project was produced by DrummerBoy Y Kay ,all based in B.A

Here is a screenshot of some of what he posted on his twitter handle some few days ago

RockieFella is out a new tune dubbed “Y3 Steady” Streaming on Audiomack https://audiomack.com/rockie-fela/song/y3steady


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