1KOLO throws Jabs at Bono & Ahafo DJs, Bloggers and Industry Players


Bono and Ahafo Bloggers, Djs and Industry players are Silent Music Killers. Most artistes in Bono and Ahafo do not want to travel to explore other parts of the Country because of the fear that their songs will no longer make it to Radio, Bloggers or DJs will stop playing their hard worked Songs when they realize the Artiste has left the town or region.

He said in a post that Bloggers, DJs and many stakeholder in Bono and Ahafo Music Industry kill talents and hard worked-on Music. They trash it because you’ve left the scene leaving your little fans you’ve made to fall apart

If you don’t go to Accra to Promote yourself too, they will sit on radio to lambaste you as a local artiste/champion.


They always try to find faults but do not guide you to make it better. I have been a victim of this. Adwuma was released in 2019 and received all the sugarcoated words from the Media, today where is it?, some are even saying I’ve stopped doing music just because I took another step to uplift my image to help me push my songs.

Last year July down, Adwuma featuring Qwasi Korang was the biggest song in the region but as soon as I left to Accra to join the Army, they stopped playing my songs. Adwuma topped most of the radio request shows,topped most music charts in the region but if they are mentioning songs and artiste who are making progress they ignore me because I’m not their friend he added.

Watch 1Kolo Adwuma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3OBII1ZtNs


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