Queen Haizel’s Management Debunks Death Rumors, Issues Official Communique


Sad rumors circulated on various blogs and social media this afternoon reported that, Ghanaian Female Vocalist Queen Haizel is alleged dead as spotted by Sintim Media online reporters during our online routine for today.

Due to our editorial policy of feeding our readers with authentic and most credible news content, CEO and Chief Editor at Sintim Media did a Follow up to enquire about this sensitive death rumor from her Management.

Upon consultation with Koby Nana Woode, who happens to be the official publicist and road manager for Queen Haizel, he disclosed that he hasn’t heard from her for Queen Haizel for the past two days and upon hearing the incident reached out to call her but couldn’t reach her on phone. He went further to say that, her family haven’t given him any confirmation to her death hence the news circulating are false.

This evening, Management of Queen Haizel has released an official communique debunking death rumors circulating on social media about their frontline Artiste.
The release was signed by Kobby Nana Woode, road manager and Publicist for Queen Haizel

Below is the press release from Queen Haizel’s Management;

“…..The family of Queen Haizel hasn’t confirmed their daughter is dead, The report reaching me is that she left home 2 days ago and I even spoke with her last night. Let’s stop the spread of this rumor guys. Currently, her phone is off and there’s nothing to prove she’s dead….”



Source: sintimmedia.com


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