Four Reasons Why Kojo Vypa Keeps Soaring Higher In The Music Industry


Kojo Vypa Reveals Four Key Secrets Which Have Contributed In Building A Unique Brand As A Rapper 

Fast-rising Ghanaian Elmina based rapper Kojo Vypa, born Desmond Owusu has revealed to Sintim Media his four key Secrets that have contributed in building his unique brand as a one of the best young Hiphop Artistes in Ghana. 

According to Kojo Vypa, Content, Creativity, Prayer, and Making Big Moves are his four key secrets which have helped him build his much enviable brand as one of the best young rappers in Ghana. 

He made these revelations during a live Twitter Interaction with Sintim, blogger and CEO of Sintim Media. 

During the live Twitter Interaction, Sintim asked Kojo Vypa as to what three secrets have contributed to his rapid growth as a unique rapper in the industry. 

Kojo Vypa replied by saying “… Lemme Make it Four (4), Content, Creativity, Prayer, and Manking big moves…” 

These secrets revealed by the Elmina based Rapper is evidenced in all his songs, brand outlook and the big moves he makes. 

Having listened to all songs released by Kojo Vypa and watched his beautiful freestyle videos, Kojo Vypa is one of the best rappers in Central Region who doesn’t joke with his lyrical content. 

Considering “Creativity”, Kojo Vypa is indeed one of the dope Rappers in Ghana with amazing rap dexterity. His creative talent in articulating words to form his music lyrics is excellent. The fusing of metaphors and other literary devices in his rap songs brings out his intelligence and creativity. 

As prayer without works in dead, same way hard work without prayer is vain. With this, Kojo Vypa making use of Prayer to support his career is a very good thing which is indeed helping him grow fast in the industry. 

Notwithstanding, Kojo Vypa is one of the serious rappers in the music industry who make good use of every opportunity that comes his way. 

In his live Twitter Interaction with Sintim, he revealed that “Making big moves” is one of his Secrets to his growth as a unique rapper and that’s true. Kojo Vypa always jumps to freestyle challenge initiated by top rappers like Sarkodie, Manifest, EL among others to build himself and all push his career. 

These freestyle rap challenge has given him massive exposure in the music industry which has given him numerous attention by top musicians and industry players. Talk about being selected by EL to perform at his BAR Concert in 2019 and also featured on his soon to be released BAR Mixtape. Many of these big moves shows that Kojo Rapper is very serious with his craft and never underestimate any opportunity that comes his way. 

We at Sintim Media wish him well and believe he is the next big thing in the music industry. 



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