Lyrical Beef Is Good, It Shows Craftsmanship And Entertains — Koby Symple


Lyrical Beef Is Good, It Shows Craftsmanship And Entertains — Koby Symple 

Koby Symple — Highlife Artiste

Symple Life Music Boss Koby Symple, born Godfred Kobina Abavana has added his voice to the ongoing lyrical beef between couple of Artistes in the music industry. 

Many Artistes and Industry Players have diverse opinions on lyrical beefs as to whether it’s good or bad for the music industry. Some industry players think Lyrical Beefs are good others also are of the opinion that lyrical beefs are bad for the industry and shouldn’t be encouraged. 

According to Koby Symple, Although he will rather not beef but He believes that, Lyrical Beef is good for the industry because it shows Artistes craftsmanship and entertains music lovers since the people like it. 

Koby Symple made these opinions known last night during a live Twitter Interaction with Sintim, CEO of Sintim Media on a new segment dubbed “Tweet Chat With Sintim” 

During the live Twitter Interaction, Sintim asked Koby Symple about his take on the ongoing beef between Artistes in the music industry. 

Koby Symple replied by saying; 

“…..Lyrical beef is good.. It shows craftsmanship and it entertains.. If the people like it.. Why not.. I will rather not beef tho……”

The above tweet link is what transpired during the live Twitter Interaction with Sintim on Tweet Chat last night. 



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