I Have Decided To Stir Up My Cousin Kahpun Into Mainstream Greatness — Mr Logic


I Have Decided To Stir Up My Cousin Kahpun Into Mainstream Greatness — Mr Logic 

Mr. Logic ~ Artiste Manager, CEO of Red Panther Music, President of Ghana Association of Songwriters

Ghanaian Artistes Manager and President of Ghana Association of Songwriters, Mr Logic also known as Rude buoy Sterling has confidently disclosed in a lengthy article posted on his official Facebook page that, he has decided to stir up his cousin Kahpun into Mainstream greatness with all his might. 

The former Artiste manager for Shatta Wale and the late Vybrant Faya stated that, the Dancehall music in Ghana is in a state of despair of which it’s making it difficult for more youths to rise to mainstream fame to join Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy. He revealed that, production and funding is the major problem for these young Artistes but not airplay.

The former reggae dancehall artiste who has entered into management and production has developed a strong love for his cousin Kahpun and has vowed to groom him into a mainstream reggae dancehall Artitse. 

This is what he posted on his official Facebook timeline as reported by SintimMedia.Com


I want every dancehall artiste ,Fans,industry players etc to read this with an open mind” 2009” When I took the airwaves in the mainstream reggae dancehall artiste were not regarded as brands to consider,it was a pure getto to getto hustle for the youts”. I stepped into the frontline and fought the system under the name rude boy sterling. I gave every upcoming dancehall artiste equal love n respect and attention and support without a cent been asked from any of them “ 

Then I decided to step into management and productions. All the success I created and brands I built in blood n tears single handedly on the streets to mainstream disappointed me in the name of I want to do my thing ,forgetting that there were generations to come after them who will equally need such help” People to cut the long story short “ Dancehall music in Ghana is in a state of despair bcos no more youts can rise to mainstream fame to join our two brothers “ Don’t be surprise bcos the problem is beyond radio AirPlay mi gee “The problem is production and funding” I have decided to stir up my cousin KAHPUN” with all my might into mainstream greatness,whether you believe it or not it will happen “ 

He might not be the best to you but he is riped to me,support him if you can but don’t hate bcos it won’t hurt a fly” All those who believe in trolling and cursing mr logic for no apparent reasons pls go ahead but one thing you most always know is “You have no one defending your Genre reggae dancehall in the mainstream like me ,If only I can expose all the setbacks being plotted against you reggae dancehall people am sure you would have thank god for my life and Existence”Stop hate live in Love ……#Red panther#KAHPUNISED#Revolution #JAFRO”

KAHPUN ~ Reggae/Dancehall Artiste

Kahpun, born Samuel Kobena Ampah, is an award-winning reggae, dancehall artiste from Cape Coast, Ghana. He graduated from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, having completed his primary and secondary education at the University JHS and TI Ahmadiyya SHS respectively. 

Kahpun started his music career after graduating from the Ghana Institute of Jorunalism. 

The 2017 Bass Awards nominee and Higher Heightz Army boss is the originator of real Fante Dancehall in Ghana. 

He has won the Central Music Awards 6 (six) times, nominated for Bass awards, Ghana Music Awards South Africa in 2017 and 2018 respectively, 3rd TV Music Video Awards 2018 and Emerging Music Awards 2019.

Kahpun is the newest member of the Red Panther Music Management family headed by his cousin Mr. Logic. 

Source: sintimmedia.com 


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