SHOWBIZ: There’s No Change In Ghana’s Creative Art Industry – Paulette Broohm Cries Out

Paulette Broohm - Singer

There’s No Change In Ghana’s Creative Art Industry – Paulette Broohm Cries Out 

Paulette Broohm – Singer

Ghanaian Musician Paulette Broohm known Professionally as Salti has shared her bitterness about the state of Ghana’s creative art Industry as compared to that of South Africa. 

The sensational female songstress in a lengthy article on his Facebook page expressed her sad concern about the entertainment Industry here in Ghana which according to Paulette has not had any positive transformation for the past 12 years. 

The singer in comparing the Creative Art Industry in Ghana to South Africa, she made these revelations. 

“….I remember my first time in South Africa.  I went for a concert at this place called basement. Hope I am right. Been a while back. This was in 2008. Now back to the show. It was this big basement obviously no chairs. First time I heard “Zonke” sing immediately became a fan. “Lira” came to perform too and many other acts. Now, what caught my attention was the professionalism of the show. It wasn’t a big event. But oh boy, Every artists,  came with their own band. Mic’s had to be changed, obviously cause artiste have different pitches and the mic should be tuned accordingly. And etc. 

I was so caught up with the whole thing so much that , my friend was thinking I wasn’t enjoying the show, because I was too serious. He didn’t get it. I had NEVER seen anything like that before. And till date, 12yrs  down the line, I haven’t seen anything like that in this my country.

Today we can’t shoot movies,  or go for gigs. And I wonder what policies we put in place.  Imagine being paid royalties, like for each airplay / local stream. Be it movies or music, you will still make some money. 

We have several bodies/ associations but all we do is fight. Enti be kraa kraa new s3n? Right now it’s affecting everyone. Whether you play big stadiums or small pups we all dey inside. Whether you’re a stage actor or screen actor. We dey inside. 

When the dust settles.  I hope we sit up. Don’t tell me about Apple music, Netflix or Amazon and etc. Home is home.  How many acts are on these international platforms. ( that’s another topic for another day) 

Our biggest show VGMA , we will use a carpet band for every musician. Same mic’s, Same set etc. Nothing is changing.  Chale let’s wake up and do something for the next generation….”



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