Baifikrom Rastafari Group Applauds Government For Legalizing Weed


Baifikrom Rastafari Group Applauds Government For Legalizing Weed 

A youth concious group based in Baifikrom, a suburb of Mankessim  in the  Central Region, “Nyabinghi House Rastafari Conscious Youth group” has applauded Parliamentarians and the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, for his bold step in legalizing weed for medical and industrial purposes

Addressing the media, at Baifikrom near Mankessim, President of the Baifikrom Nyabinghi Conscious Youth, Jah Eddy Bonjo, thanked the government and pledged their support to help  government bring the needed developments in the country through the cultivation of the Indian hemp.

He however pleaded with government to consider them for the cultivation of  large scale  marijuana  and not to be   given to the wealthy men in society.

Mr. Jah Eddy Bongo also called on government to consider Baifikrom lands  for the  cultivation of  marijuana due to it’s  fertile nature and if possible consider establishing a factory in the area as an option for One District –One Factory. 

He also pleaded with  government to grant amnesty to all inmates imprisoned for selling or smoking  marijuana after testing their reasoning power by health experts

and engage those released inmates on the farms at Baifikrom so as to enable them get work doing for their daily bread and to also support their families and the entire nation.

    Mr. Jah Eddy Bongo and his team, some of whom have been using the marijuana for herbal medicine expressed the optimism that,  marijuana, could be the best antidote to fighting or healing the covid -19 disease. They therefore pleaded with  government to ask pharmaceutical companies to conduct thorough research into the possibilities of using the marijuana to eradicate corona virus from the world.

The Baifikrom Nyabinghi Rastafari Conscious Youth Group, an amalgamation of  Rastafari youth at Mankessim , a commercial center in the Central Region  has for the past five years been advocating for the legalization of  Indian hemp for medicinal, recreational and economic benefits for Africa as a whole and Ghana in particular.

Source: Kweku Baako


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