Concerned Old Vandals In solidarity with Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi


Concerned Old Vandals In solidarity with Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi

Honourable Bernard Oduro Takyi

Some Concerned Members of Old Vandals Association of the famous Commonwealth Hall from the University of Ghana has issued a strong warning as a press release to the National Parliamentary Appeal committee of the New Patriotic Party.

According to them, the disqualification of Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi from the April NPP Parliamentary Primaries is not an option hence must be reinstated or face their anger. 

The press release is to inform the National Parliamentary Appeal Committee of the NPP to reconsider the poor, barbaric and cruel decision of the Vetting Committee of the Bono Region to allow Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi an Old Vandal who has been disqualified with no reason from the NPP primaries race to contest.

In a Press release dated Monday 16th March, 2020, Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi was disqualified by the Bono Region Vetting Committee of the NPP without given any reason for his disqualification. All attempt by him and the team to get reason for his disqualification was not successful. Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi has filed an appeal to the National Parliamentary Appeal committee. However, his disqualification has triggered the anger of the famous Old Vandals Association across the country.

The association has indicated that, Old Vandals association is not a partisan and has no intention to be so. Old Vandals are known to supports all Vandals doing marvelously well in their chosen fields. It was also stated that the association will continue to support all Vandals irrespective of colour, race, religion or political affiliation. The group believes in and supports competence which every vandal possesses

The Old Vandals stated that, “as VANDALS we have produced active, efficient, strong, intelligent, dedicated, handsome, quality and Productive men that have contributed effectively to the success of the NPP and to Ghana as a nation. To name a few (Sammy Awuku, John Boadu, Joseph Osei Owusu, Kwamena Duncan etc.) and it is our promise that we will continue to produce them with the best men they need to drive their party agenda for ages to come

In the press statement, the Old Vandals stated that BERNARD ODURO TAKYI is a former JCR President of COMMONWEALTH HALL

During the struggle for the closure of Commonwealth hall, he was the leading frontliner to oppose all the bad plots of the university of Ghana leadership. He was a member of the University of Ghana Residence board in 2009. He was also part of the Commonwealth Hall council. He was also the Business Committee chairman and the majority leader for University of Ghana Parliament House from 2008 to 2010. He also became the Chairman for the BASU Constitutional Review Committee from 2009 to 2010. Throughout his education at University of Ghana he was active member of TESCON from 2007 to 2010.

His knowledge and dedication to TESCON is what made him join the Training Team of the NPP Youth Wing who trained TESCON members across the country from 2019 till date. And for the love of the party he did all that on Pro-Bono.

After University, Bernard Oduro Takyi who was committed and passionate about building his community and constituency took all the knowledge he has acquired from the VANDAL city to his constituency to serve the NPP.

Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi popularly known as BERNARDO, has over the year serve the NPP in his fullest capacity. 

These are some of the major things he has been doing.

 He was a Polling Agent for the NPP for 2008, 2012 and 2016 Elections

 He became Polling Station Chairman from 2012-2017

 He is a Zonal Executive from 2012 till date (Kwatire-Adantia Zone)

 He was the Lead Petitioner and Plaintiff for the NPP Assembly member caucus

court case in 2015

 He was also the leader of NPP Assembly members caucus from 2015 to 2017

 He is also a Polling Station Organizer from 2018 till today

 He is known to be an Active executive member of Brong Ahafo Patriotic Caucus

 He also became the Assemblyman for Kwatire Electoral Area, Sunyani West District

Assembly in 2015

He became the Presiding member for Sunyani West District Assembly in 2018

As a former JCR President and active member of the Old Vandal Association, his good legacies, service, dedication and sacrifice for the NPP have compelled these Old Vandals to stand for him in this moment to address the unjust and unfair treatment to Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi by the vetting committee.

In the press release, the old vandals have threatened not to support the work of NPP at Sunyani West Municipal Assembly. Also, not collaborate with the NPP on any occasion as far as Bono Region is concerned. They will also turn their support to any Party that will respect and honor Vandals. Also proceed to demonstrate at Sunyani West Constituency against the NPP candidate that will be presented and will also close all our doors for all NPP activities within and Outside Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana if Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi is not given fair grounds to contest in the primaries.

They concluded by noting that, they want the NPP of the Bono Region, the party officials, the APPEALS committee and all-party stakeholders understand that “THEY SHOULD NOT OPENLY SHOW THEIR EVIL PLOT, WICKDNESS AND MAFIA WORK ON OUR VERY OWN” because that will cost them a lot. And they mean it as VANDALS.

They finally noted that Vandals are brave, intelligent and strong men, and with this they never fear anyone whom we have to contest. So the Party Officials should allow a true son of father BACCHUS and also a true son of NPP who is Hon. Bernard Oduro Takyi to contest the primaries without any interference and undue protectionism.


Written By: 

Mr. Isaac Yeboah Filson-Convenor

Concerned Old Vandal



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