COVID-19: Ministry Of Health Confirms Two Coronavirus Cases In Ghana


COVID-19: Ministry Of Health Confirms Two Coronavirus Cases In Ghana 

Coronavirus, the disease which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has named it as world pandemic disease is taking over the whole world with rapid mode of transfer from infected patients.

For about 2 weeks ago, the disease reached Africa(Algeria) and for that matter fear and panic over shrouded the other neighbouring African countries.

Looking at how swiftly it is taking up the whole world, the non-reported countries, which Ghana is among, are afraid to welcome such disease.

But, news reaching us this evening states that Ghana, our motherland has confirmed two cases of ‘Covid-19’ in its jurisdiction by foreigners.

According to the report by Kwaku Agyeman Manu, the Health Minister, the two cases were confirmed at the same time at Noguchi Memorial Institute when medical research were took.

The two cases confirmed now are from outsiders: one from Norway and the other one is also from Turkey.

According to the letter from the Minister of Health, the two people with confirmed cases have been isolated and kept in a place where no one can touch them; and he and other government body is working on how to deport them from the country.

Letter Issued By Ministry Of Health

Kwaku Agyeman Manu has entreated all Ghanaians to keep calm over the confirmed cases, for respective measures are put in place.

He also gave some preventative measures to help safeguard oneself against the disease:

1. Wash your hand with soap and under running water. Or sanitize your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers.

2. Keep distant of about 2 meters between you and person with similar symptoms.

3. If you feel unwell with signs of fever, stay home.

4. Drink plenty of water, eat good and healthy food, make enough time to sleep.

5. Avoid handshaking.


Source: SintimMedia.Com 


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