Get to know Asomani Jr.

Asomani Jr

Stars are Endless, but Legends aren’t as common. Asomani Jr. who started music about 2 years ago is already on to a hot start with his versatility & his melodies especially the way he has a mix of genres, but does he have what it takes to be a so-called “legend?” A Hot start doesn’t necessarily always confirm victory, and it’s been proven loads of times, but there is something different about this young rising potential star, and that’s is, Of course, the vibe he is bringing, he calls it Afrovibes.

Afrovibes, according to Asomani is a genre with a blend of afrobeat and a twist of contemporary styles.

The musician began his music career when he was taken by his parents to the United States.  Currently based in the US, his love for Afrobeats grew and the young budding musician has been making music since he found that love.

Asomani Junior is also skilled in various forms of traditional and digital arts including writing, graphic design, photography & editing.


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