Get Familiar With KwameEmma And His “Enoch EP”


Get Familiar With KwameEmma And His “Enoch EP” 


KwameEmma is a sensational fast-rising Hiphop Artise from the Central Region. He attended Yamoransa Catholic Roman School from Kindergarten to Junior High School. At Junior High, he won a scholarship from Yale university alumni and was later transferred to Commwealth international school at Yamoransa. 

From Commwealth, He moved to Fort Zion Preparatory School where he completed his Junior High School Education. 

He was admitted into the  Ghana National College where he studied business after his Basic education exam. To set for himself a standard, he entered Cape Coast Technical University where he studies Electronic Marketing.

KwameEmma has featured many artistes both in central region and outside his environs. He has worked with great Artiste like Kahpun and working with another surprise main stream artist from Cape Coast. Kahpun is so far the best Dancehall artist in Central region and one of the top artistes also from the region. 

KwameEmma featured Kahpun on his tune titled ‘AbouLife’ and since it release, the song has been receiving great waves both in Ghana and outside Ghana.

KwameEmma hopes to work with great musicians both of national and international platforms. 

KwameEmma so far has recorded more than 40 songs with 15 mixtapes

List of songs on the EnochEP.

Track 01-Life

Track 02-About life ft Kahpun.

Track 03-Badmind

Track 04-Peer Pressure ft Nana Beesi.

Track 05-Poor no friend

Click link below to stream all tracks on the EP


Source: Sintim Media 


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