Wolo And Partners Introduce Joy Learning


Wolo And Partners Introduce Joy Learning, A Television Channel Dedicated To Educational Content. 

Africa’s Premier E-Learning Platform, Wolo, in partnership with Multimedia Group Limited and SES, a satellite company introduce Joy Learning, a brand new channel dedicated to educational content. The television channel is set to be opened on Monday, 30th December 2019 with Wolo TV. Joy learning, the educational channel will be on your Multi TV. 

Wolo TV will show SHS lessons. Students will have access to some 9 hours of content daily. This is part of the Wolo E-learning Project. Joy Learning is a partnership project between Multimedia Group Limited, SES and Wolo.

What is Wolo ? 

Wolo is a comprehensive E-learning project, designed to provide education and skills training. The project employs both online and offline technologies to deliver learning experiences to millions of Africans with limited access to educational opportunities.

The Wolo E-Learning project was designed and developed by Wolo Limited, an indigenous Ghanaian business, assisted by Broadcast Consult Engineering Limited and several other organizations and individuals with diverse backgrounds.

The vision of Wolo is to be the leading E-Learning Platform in Africa, providing quality and affordable education through the use of digital technology and its mission Is to provide quality education and enhance learning experience to the youth of Africa.

Wolo develops content, based on the GES syllabus for SHS and delivers them with self tests, across multiple media channels. These programs are taught by a team of tutors with proven excellent track record. The project has selected the best teachers from some of Ghana’s elite schools through a competitive process. These teachers prepare and deliver lessons through our E-learning platforms, built on a comprehensive Learning Management Systems (LMS).

This presents a great opportunity for students, especially from deprived and less privileged backgrounds to access quality educational content and learning experiences.

To eliminate the difficulty of expensive internet data charges, Wolo has entered into partnerships with our Telcos to execute zero-rated arrangements on the use of the app. This means students simply pay for subscription and have the opportunity to learn for free without paying for data.

Wolo’s Skills Training program is designed to create jobs, economic opportunities and livelihoods. Content for these courses are presented by experts from diverse fields of studies. The Project also works with Government, International and local Development agencies, NGOs, Companies, Educational Institutions, Sponsors etc, to create specific programs to assist in our entrepreneurship programs.  Wolo also facilitates mentorship, apprenticeship and industrial placement programs.

The platform also offers Corporate Training for staff of organizations or professional bodies. These training programs are developed in partnership with these institutions through webinars or as video on demand (VOD) files. Staff sign up and take these courses and assessment.

Together with a team of lecturers and educational consultants, Wolo is currently working on two projects, named WorkReady, that is on employability skills for Tertiary education students and Entrepreneurship.

Wolo delivers complementary, learner-centered teaching and self-tests with opportunities for direct interaction with instructors. We cater to two main classes of learners;

●Students in school(Basic to Tertiary)

● Skills Training: for individuals seeking to upgrade their professional competence or acquiring skills.

Being an African centered e-learning project, Wolo is working to partner other organizations to develop and deliver content, relevant to the educational needs of specific countries across the continent.

The Wolo App is available on Google Play Store and AppStore for downloads.

Kindly follow Wolo on all their official media platforms that’s Facebook, Twitter, and instagram for daily updates.

For more information kindly visit their website below http://www.woloafric.com


Source: Wolo | Sintim Media 


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